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Nollywood Actress Genevieve Nnaji Admits She Is Tired of Spinisterhood

Maude Genevieve (Pope) Miller and Friends

Maude Genevieve (Pope) Miller and Friends (Photo credit: bagpiper)

Maude Genevieve (Pope) Miller and Friends (Photo credit: bagpiper)

Ask any Zambian fan of Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji about her marital status and the answer you are bound to receive is that she the wife to either Ramsey Nouah or Jim Iyke.

The truth is Genevieve is a single mother and lives with her teenage daughter whom she had when she was 17 years old after a fling with her school teacher.

One of the most recognised faces in African entertainment, Genevieve admits that she is tired of being single before adding that that was not a yardstick for settling down.

“For me if marriage comes, fine. It’s not a priority. It’s never been, but it a good thing every woman wants,” said Genevieve

“So, I’m not shying away from it. But then, I’m going to go in with my head straight. I will go into marriage for the right reasons. Not for money, not for fame, not for name and not to satisfy the world.”

” I don’t want any sort of peer pressure getting involved in my settling down, or trying to prove a point that I can settle down. I don’t need that.”

” I’m here to please my God and myself, and as long as my parents have no issues with it, I’m fine.”

“When I find the right person, I’m sure I’ll settle down,” she said

Genevieve contends that she has a complicated life.

“First of all I have to agree within myself that I actually want to get married. I think my life is already chaotic as it is being one celebrity,” said Genevieve

“I don’t find marriage repulsive but everyday I learn from married people about what not to do when it comes to marriage. I think I’ve just learnt the bad things about marriage before the good ones,”

“There is constant discouragement but I just know for a fact that when I find the right person I will definitely not think about it. Marriage should be about finding the right person, finding your soul mate, not necessarily in receiving love,” concluded Genevieve



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